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Getting started in classes is easy. Just take a look at our class schedule on the right side of this page and choose a time you would like to jump-in. All you need to begin with is a t-shirt and sweat pants. Just arrive 5 to 10 minutes before the class time you have chosen and be ready to join us when the instructor calls for the next class to step onto the mat.

Frequently Asked Questions

•What do I need to do to start? 
No need to pre-register, just show-up 5-10 minutes before the class. 

•What ages do you teach? 
Our youngest students are 5 years old. We have requests to teach younger children but 5 years old is about the right age for kids to know who they should and should not punch and kick. You ar never too old to start. Our oldest student was a 78 year old grandmother.

•How much are classes?
Monthly tuition is $75. A second family member is $65 and the 3rd is $55. Quarterly tuition is $195 (save $30), 6 months $380 (save $70) and a yearly tuition is $740 (save $160).

•What should I wear?
Just wear sweat pants and a loose shirt for your first class. No jewelry can be worn during class.

•Is there a trial period?

The first 2 weeks are always free.

•Do I need to sign a contract?

Never. Payment is always monthly. We have had too many students who had been legaly bound by contracts to schools they no longer wanted to attend.

•Can I start anytime?

We accept new students anytime. 

•I have a rank in another style, will I start over? 
If you are from the same root style (TaeKwonDo under Great Grand Master Yun or one of his students) our technique and testing requirements are very similar. Most of the time your rank will remain the same.

Class Info

There are so many martial arts schools in town to choose from. We invite you to try two weeks of classes for free so you can compare. Just wear a t-shirt and sweat-pants and show-up for class five to ten minutes early. New students can start anytime.

The first half of the class consists of stretching and exercise, the second half is practice of the sets of technique needed for belt advancement toward the rank of Black Belt.

Kids classes vs. Adults Classes:
Junior students are taught separately from the adults due to the more realistic technique taught to the adults. The children focus more on self-discipline and self-control while the adults work more on sef-defense and the martial arts.

To start out students only need a loose shirt and sweat pants. A uniform (called a dobok in Korean) is normally purchased within the first month. A dobok is $30.

Promotion Testing:

Testing is conducted about every three months, five to six months in the higher ranks. Testing consists of performing the technique learned as well as board breaking. A student does not pass just because they have paid. Attendance, attitude and ability are needed for progression. Colored belt testing is a once-per-test $40 fee.

Class Schedule:

Adult classes are offered three days a week, M-W-F. Not all students are able to to attend every class and that is factored into the curriculum. No classes are taught on days the schools are closed due to bad weather. Full schedule is available here

Adult Student Exercise
•Streching-Stretching is an important part of the warm-up regimen. Lengthening and str4etching the muscles allows the student to kick higher, faster and safer, with less of a likelyhood of injuring a muscle
•Sparring-Sparring is an integral part of the martial arts. We practice sparring at all rank levels.
•Calesthenics-No class workout is ever the same. We work on endurance as well as strength training.


Junior Class 
The children's classes are built around games and drills meant to not only provide excercise but to help the students work on discipline and self-control.


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Class Schedule: