What Makes Us Different?

Grand Master Jim Grimestad is the highest ranking black belt in the FM area. He is the only instructor to travel to Korea for training and testing. In September of 2019 Grand Master Jim Grimestad traveled to the WORLD TAEKWONDO HEADQUARTERS ( Kukkiwon) in Seoul, Korea. He successfully tested for his 8th Degree Black Belt. This is the ONLY way to legitimately test for the 8th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo. He trained with 9th Degree Grand Master Jae Yoon AHN, 3 time World Gold Medalist. Grand Master Jim Grimestad has 42 years of experience in Tae Kwon Do.  Because experience counts he leads every exercise and teaches every class. Some of our students have been with us for over 20 years. Grand Master Jim is teaching the children of some of the students who once started out in his kids classes so long ago!!!   What seperates us from the rest is our focus on traditional martial arts instead of the sport/competitive aspect. Self-defense against multiple attackers, weapons training and working on being a better person not the middle weight champion set us apart.
The focus of our Childrens Classes work on self-control & self-discipline while keeping fit & having fun. The focus of our Adult Classes are practical self-defense and body conditioning.

Grand Master Jim's Qualifications

Grand Master Jim is a certified:
8th Degree Black Belt in World TaeKwonDo Federation TaeKwonDo
8th Degree Black Belt in Moo Duk Kwan TaeKwonDo
7th Degree Black Belt in Chang Moo Kwan TaeKwonDo
5th Degree Master in HapKiDo ( the Korean art of throwing and ground fightin)g
4th Degree Master in KumDo ( the Korean art of the sword).

Grand Master Jim is the only International Master certified by the Kukkiwon ( World Taekwondo Headquarters), International Hanmadang Referee, and the only certified Kukkiwon Test Examiner in North Dakota, South Dakota & Montana.
Grand Master Jim is the North Dakota President of the World Taekwondo Masters Union, a founding member of the International Black Belt Federation and the Northern Taekwondo League. He is a former member of the North Dakota State Athletic Commission and a Mixed Martial Arts referee and judge.

About Classes


The character-building traits of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control & indomitable spirit are taught along with the martial arts.  Sport/competetive martial arts focus on achieving trophies which eventually gather dust.  The sport oriented martial arts don't have a lot to offer older students who aren't looking for competition.  Traditional TaeKwonDo focuses on self-discipline & self-control.  Children will notice improved concentration & discipline.  Adults will benefit from the excercise & practical self-defense technique.  These character traits last forever.

The adult classes not only provide a great work-out and increase flexibility but also teach realistic self-defense utilizing punches, kicks, elbows & knees. Groundfighting or grappling along with the joint-lock techniques of HapKiDo give the students the ability to defend themselves from any position. Weapons training is a part of the students curiculum to round-out the martial arts knowledge of the student. We do not mix the childrens & adult classes because we don't want to water-down the technique to make it safer for the children. Tuition is always month-to-month rather than forcing students to sign contracts.





Class Schedule: